Kings Go Forth

Just watched a really sound and valuable movie.  I guess not everyone wants to watch sound and valuable movies, but when a movie teaches biblical values I say they are worth watching.  This one I watched on Netflix; "Kings Go Forth".  I have been into WWII movies on this break from teaching, and came across this one staring Tony Curtis, Frank Sinatra, and Natalie Wood.  It is loosely based on the verse in Samuel that says, "It was the time the Kings go forth."  The beginning of the Bathsheba narrative in which King David was supposed to be in battle, but he chose to be in the wrong place at wrong time.  Set in France towards the end of the war, two men go forth to win a maiden's hand.  One has character, the other doesn't.
When I looked up information about it, found out, of course, it was based on a book.  I have already ordered it off Amazon.  The review that I read said that Hollywood changed the end.  Can't wait to figure out the "real" end.
It is worth your time, rated G, and teaches a Biblical Worldview.  Check it out.


Katie McKenzie said...

glad your blogging again! I miss you!

Lynn Cross said...

Thanks so much Katie for reading. Love you.

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